Move Bunkie Forward





Move Bunkie Forward is a 3 year project funded through a Healthy Behaviors Program Grant from The Rapides Foundation. The Rapides Foundation Healthy Behaviors Grant Program funds and supports project in the Cenla area focusing on healthy eating, active living, and the prevention of tobacco, alcohol and subtance abuse. Please visit The Rapides Foundation at for further information.  


Events and Activites: 


                Please see our Facebook Page for a complete and current schedule of classes and activities



Move Bunkie Forward has 4 Main Goals:


  1. To create a community partnership to encourage physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco free policies. 
  2. Increase physical activity opportunities and active places for the residents of Bunkie and surrounding area.
  3. To establish and sustain an environment supportive of healthy eating.
  4. To create and sustain a tobacco free community.


For more information call:



Email: [email protected].

Lele Soileau, Move Bunkie Forward Director