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Why Should I Join Now?

The Chamber of Commerce organization is unique.  It is a partner to every business and every citizen.  You belong in it as long as you are in business in our community for you are benefiting from its activities, and should shoulder a part of the operating expenses.  What investment is more important to you as a business or professional person and citizen than such a comparatively small one in our progress and prosperity?


You may not have time to answer hundreds of requests for information or help bring an industry into the area, but you know it is being done.  It you are unable to support with both time and money, it is especially important for you to financially cooperate with your fellow businessmen who make up various committees and who ARE taking time out from their business to help YOU.


If you are a branch office that proves that your company considers this a good place to do business.  This is your home, and you, as a branch, benefit from chamber activity.  Possibly you have replaced an independent business that did support the Chamber.  This is all the more reason why you should contract your home office and secure its membership.  Your first job should be to make yourself part of the community and the way to do this is by identifying yourself with the leading community organization.


Perhaps you do your business outside of our area- but don’t you make full use of our facilities?  You wouldn’t call an out-of-town police or fire department, or make use of out-of-town utilities?  And aren’t your family, and friends, and interest here?  You are part of the community after all, and the Chamber needs your support in its efforts to make it a still better community.


We are not asking you to give away money, but TO MAKE AN INVESTMENT.  Your return is the continued growth and prosperity of our area.  The membership dues (which are tax deductible under business expense) amount to only pennies a day – such a small amount that you can’t afford not to belong.


The best way to get your business larger is to properly support the Chamber of Commerce…more industries…more residents///more tourists///more people shopping in our community…will mean more business for you.  The Chamber is working to promote all of these things(in addition it affords valuable contracts with your fellow citizens and business people).


Make your investment NOW – competing for trade territory, industries, new businesses, better highways, more housing, police protection, education, and everything else that will make them a better, more prosperous and more pleasant place in which to live.


Don’t put it off…”later” may be too late.


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